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Dental Hygiene
Sealants are a preventative measure to help keep your child cavity free. Sealants cover the grooved and pitted permanent molars on the chewing surface. The application is easy and comfortable and can be done in one visit. After the teeth are cleaned, they are kept dry and then the material is placed in the groves of the teeth. After the sealant is applied, a special light is used to dry the sealant. Patients can eat right after their appointment, but it is best to avoid sticky, chewy, or hard candy to help avoid the sealants from wearing down.
Nitrous Oxide 
Nitrous Oxide, or laughing gas as most people refer to it, is used to help the patient relax without putting them to sleep.  It is administered to the child by a small breathable noise piece before a procedure is began.
Routine Exams
Pulp Therapy 
Pulp Therapy is done to maintain the vitality of an affected tooth. They pulp of a tooth is the inner central canal core that contains nerves, blood vessels, reparative cells and connective tissue. This therapy resembles a root canal on a permanent tooth.
Teeth Whitening
 Bravo! Teeth Whitening is a convenient 30 minutes, once a day treatment done for 10 days.  This treatment is done at home and should cause minimal to no sensivity.  You can wear the custom designed trays at work, while commuting, or at home.  This treatments is for patients 16 ears old or older.
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